ExactBlue Wireless Kit: Setup and First Steps

This article covers the first steps you need to follow after receiving your ExactBlue® water testing kit. First ensure that your package contains an EB1 wireless reader, travel case, charging cable, and the test kits you ordered- microbial, disinfectants or a combination. Each test kit will contain the appropriate apparatus to complete the specific test. Make sure to procure a water sample of up to 100mL depending on the test at hand, which will be specified in the test procedure selected in the ExactBlue® app.

First steps:

1. Ensure that the EB1 device and your mobile device are both charged before use. We recommend a charging time of up to 8 hours on first use. The battery light indicator on the black keypad will be solidly lit when the EB1 device is charged fully.

2. Follow the "App Installation Guide" article to download the mobile app for IOS or Android.

3. Once installation is complete, select the stacked-line icon in the top-left corner of the home screen and select “My Account” from the drop-down menu. Create an account using your email address and password of choice. This account will provide you with access to your previous tests on both the ExactBlue® mobile and web apps.

4. Once you have completed registration, you can begin testing. Ensure that you have Bluetooth enabled and WIFI access or mobile data before starting a test. Once the app automatically connects to the EB1 wireless reader, it will give you the list of test options available to your account.

5. Follow the instructions on the app to complete any test. For further details on each test, read more articles: 

    1. Bacteria test: 
    2. Hydrogen peroxide test: 
    3. Chlorine test:
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