Free Chlorine Test: Detect chlorine level in your water sample

In order to run a chlorine test with ExactBlue®, you must create an account on the ExactBlue® mobile app and log in on your iPhone or Android phone. Ensure that you have access to WIFI or mobile data and Bluetooth.

Make sure your testing kit is stocked with the required supplies, and that your phone is initialized as specified in the App Installation Guide. Furthermore, ensure that the EB1 wireless reader and your mobile device are both charged to limit interruptions during the test. 

Test Kit Supplies
  • 20mL syringe
  • New filter tip
  • Unopened bacteria reagent vial
  • Sealed sterile vial
  • 20mL water sample
Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Unopened hydrogen peroxide reagent vial
  • 1mL water sample
  • Unopened chlorine reagent vial
  • 1mL water sample

Follow the instructions below to perform the bacteria test:

1. Watch the embedded video for a test demonstration.

2. Turn on the EB1 wireless reader by pushing the main power button on the center of the black keypad. The Bluetooth symbol will start to blink while the device is on.

3. Open the ExactBlue® app and select “Start Test” on the home page. The app should automatically connect to the device and the Bluetooth symbol will stop blinking.

4. Ensure that your test kit includes a sealed chlorine reagent vial, and that you have a 1mL water sample. This test does not require the use of a syringe.

5. Shake the unopened reagent vial for 2 seconds before placing it into the slot on the center-top of the EB1 device.

6. On your mobile device, select “Chlorine” as the test type and follow the detailed step-by-step test process on the app by sliding the screen to move through each instruction.

TIP: You can do a practice run of the procedure without using up a test vial. To do so, place the vial in the slot without opening it or mixing in any water sample and move through the instructions. 

7. When the test is complete, the result screen will show the level of chlorine detected in your water sample. The result will indicate whether this level is within a safe range, or whether you must take action to treat your water. You can add notes and location to the test, and it will be saved in the “Results” section of your app along with the rest of your test results. 

Furthermore, you can log into the ExactBlue® web application on your desktop browser at with your login credentials. You can view and further tag your test information on the homepage.

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